Macro Definitions

When trying to analyze a compiler and/or build error involving macro definitions, e.g. the nasty feature test macros, it might be useful to find out where a macro has been defined and which value it takes. A straightforward approach could be to look at the compiler output after pre-processing, typically enforced by adding the -E option. Unfortunately, this output only shows the final pre-processed output where all the macros have already been expanded. Fortunately, there is an additional option in clang and gcc that prints both, the expanded macros as well as the location of the definition. To exemplify this, we take the following source program:

To finally get the pre-processed output containing the macro definitions, we have to add the -E and -dD arguments to the compile command. Since -E prints the pre-processed file to stdout, we have to redirect the output into a file, typically with the file extension .i:

The pre-processed file is then the following. Please note that the file also includes builtin macros, e.g. like __x86_64__, which are however truncated in the below output for clarity:

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